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Enroll in online language training classes—from anywhere in the world—or in our Atlanta language training center. We provide exceptional customization and quality for the same cost as pre-packaged programs, backed by the only unconditional guarantee in the language business.

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Language Training to Qualify Your Staff

DLPT Prep Course

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Accent Training programs for call-center agents, medical professionals, and anyone ready to break the communication barriers a foreign language accent can create. Live Face-to-Face and Online programs.

Available in-person and online, ALTA will transform your language skills into a fulfilling career. Register for our 40-hour interpreter training course to earn a certificate for qualification.

Additional Resources

Additional Training Information & Resources

Accent Reduction Programs

Improve the quality of your face-to-face and telephone communication with native speakers of American English.

How Long Will it Take to Learn a New Language?

This is the question that most people ask before starting a new online language training program. There are many factors that go into the answer like your goals, and training schedule.

Corporate and Government Programs

ALTA’s custom language training online and cultural programs are available to meet your organization’s goals. For more information, contact an ALTA company program consultant for a proposal.

Best-of-Class Materials

With literally thousands of options for language materials on the market, we take a best-of-class approach, selecting the best materials for your new language and goals.

Why ALTA for Language Training?

Why Choose ALTA?

Learning Tools You Need to Succeed

The only program where everything you need is built-in: live language training, recordings of your online training for later review, home-study materials, customized vocabulary and training, cultural training, goals consultation, ongoing feedback — it’s all here.

An Unconditional Guarantee

Our language training programs are built for serious learners with specific language goals. If you’re ready to commit to a regular training schedule, we’re ready to back that commitment with the only unconditional guarantee in the language training business.

Best Methods Adapted to You

Professional language training methods like audio-lingual and grammar-transition methods are widely known and well understood. Learn about our effective training methods and adapt the best methods to your goals and learning style.

Language Training: Online or In-Person

Enroll in online language training classes—from anywhere in the world—or in our Atlanta language training center.

Learn from live language trainers in Atlanta, or take the same interactive lessons online from anywhere you access the internet.

Live language training online is available direct to your desktop, laptop, or smartphone with WebEx.

Comprehensive online language training and face-to-face programs that include all the language training you need to meet your goals.

Exceptional customization and quality, backed by an unconditional guarantee.

Available Industries

Language Training by Industry


Our language services for the legal industry provide accurate and confidential translations of legal documents, courtroom interpretation, and deposition services. With a deep understanding of industry specific needs, we bridge language gaps and facilitate effective communication in legal proceedings.


Our specialized language services in healthcare offer accurate medical document translation, interpretation services for doctor-patient interactions, and multilingual support for medical conferences. With expertise in medical terminology and cultural nuances, we ensure clear and precise communication.


Our language services for the education sector include translation of educational materials, interpretation services for multicultural classrooms, and localization of e-learning platforms. With skilled linguists and educators, we ensure accurate translations, maintain information integrity, and promote inclusive learning environments.


For over 20 years, ALTA has been helping government agencies at the state, local and Federal levels with their foreign language needs.

Human Resources

ALTA Language Services is an industry leader in the foreign language services sector thanks to our workforce of more than 2,500 expert linguists around the world.

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