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While both programs are built around the One-on-One training concept, the differences lie in training goals and reporting. The training goals for individual programs are determined by the individual; for corporate and government programs, by the organization. For corporate and government programs, we provide detailed tracking, progress reports, and testing data (where appropriate).

Custom language programs for individuals, adapted for personal and business needs.

Yes, we’re happy to create custom group programs for your organization.

Yes. Intensive training is an option available for all of our programs.

We don’t offer training for kids, but our individual programs are well suited for young adults.

No. All course materials, which may include some self-teaching aids, are provided only as a part of a customized individual training course.


Each training session usually runs for a minimum of 90 minutes. We usually schedule our sessions during business hours (8:00am EST to 8:00pm EST). However, we may be able to schedule your training outside business hours or on the weekends, if that is your preference. Intensive training sessions usually run six hours per day. Flexible schedules allow you to change your meeting times from week to week.

As business people, we understand erratic schedules; as reasonable people, we’ll work with you — of course! Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel a class free of charge if you notify our office by 4:00pm EST on the previous business day of the scheduled class. In some cases, we may recommend that you put your training on hold until you can commit to a regular schedule.

Regular sessions are a key ingredient of successful training.

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