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4 Ways Website Translation Will Help Improve Your Business

Is your business being held back from the global marketplace? Targeting your business to fit an international market is as much a necessity as it is an opportunity. America today is far more diverse than it was just twenty years ago. If you do not have your web site translated into other languages, you are not only ignoring the increasingly multicultural U.S. population, but you are also losing out on a fast-growing world audience. Here are four important ways your business will benefit from having a multilingual web presence.

1) Global Consumerism

The United States is no longer the world’s most significant mass market -especially since the U.S. dollar has steadily lost value. The phenomena of mass consumerism and conspicuous consumption -something that was once considered as mainly an “American thing” is quickly reaching other countries. Dubai now has the largest mall in the world. If you have been to Beijing or Shanghai lately, you may have noticed that shopping has practically become a national pastime. The Chinese are buying cell phones, refrigerators, computers, cars, toys, furniture, tv’s, airliners and designer clothing in ever greater numbers.

2) Multilingual Internet Users

According to the 13th Edition of the Ethnologue (1996) there are roughly 885 million Mandarin Chinese speakers. That’s more than double the 322 million English speakers. The percentage of Internet users who are not native English speakers is increasing rapidly -especially in Asia.

According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey on Internet Shopping Habits, almost 90 percent of the world’s online population has used the Internet to make a purchase. If you think most of these online purchases come from the United States, you’re wrong. The highest percentage of online shoppers is found in South Korea, where 99 percent of those with Internet access have used it to shop, followed by the UK (97%), Germany (97%), Japan (97%), with the U.S. coming in at the eighth position –94%.

3) Assurance of Clear and Effective Communication

Providing a clean and concise message is the single most important thing a company can do to promote their business. Why risk messy direct translations when you can hire a professional to translate complete ideas -conveying the intended meaning with tone and other nuances that a non-professional would miss? Also, a good translator can help you “localize content”, making it fit within the laws, social norms, and buying habits for your target market. No one wants to be considered “foreign.” That is why making your brand blend in with the cultural fabric of any country is very important.

4) Search Engine Optimization

Over 60% of web users don’t speak English, making it impossible for them to find and use your web site. In order to achieve high rankings and good online results, you must understand how your customers search online. With a web site translation, you will be using the terminology your foreign customers prefer, which may be VERY different from what your English-speaking customers are using to find you.

To read more about quality website translation for your business or non-profit organization, or to obtain a free estimate for a translation project, check out the following page: Website Translation Service.

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