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Translation Assessment

Translation is the rendering of text from one language into another. It not only requires an expert level of proficiency in reading and writing in both languages, but the ability to capture the nuances, style, tone, and intent of the original message. Translators must be able to select equivalent terms or phrases to best preserve the meaning of the source document as well as to convey cultural undertones.

The Translation Assessment

ALTA offers its Translation Assessment in a variety of contexts and languages, or can create a customized translation test for your organization using sample documentation that your candidates will be presented with on the job. Each test consists of a number of passages in a source language to be translated into the target language. Because the exams can be administered as needed by your administrators and on your site, you have the flexibility to screen your candidates’ translation skills whenever you choose. Simply send any completed tests back to ALTA for scoring, and you will receive the results within two business days.

Additional Information

How it Works

The Translation Assessment is scored according to our ALTA scale. The evaluator scores the exam based on how well the candidate has comprehended and maintained the meaning of the original message, as well as how well they have used the mechanics of the target language, such as grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. As fluency in writing in both languages is a prerequisite of translation, you may also choose to use ALTA’s Written Assessment as a screening tool.

Our Translation Test Languages

To see which languages we provide language assessments for, visit our Testing Languages Offered page.

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We look forward to helping you with your translation testing needs. Simply fill out our contact form or call us at 404.920.3832 and we will answer your questions, listen to your needs, and help you decide which type of testing is right for you. If you are ready to get started, an ALTA team member will also assist you with setting up an account so that you can begin testing your candidates right away.

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