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Industry Leading Language Testing

ALTA Language Services is the leader in language testing for government agencies, healthcare organizations, and businesses nationwide. Our language testing team develops and administers thousands of valid and reliable language assessments in more than 100+ languages each year. Successful businesses seeking to create a multilingual workforce have partnered with ALTA to create a reliable and affordable language testing platform for employees. We have worked with organizations to provide language proficiency tests that objectively measure and report language performance for all types of bilingual positions, including customer service representatives, nurse practitioners, law enforcement officers, sales representatives, flight attendants, personal bankers, physicians, government linguists, and legal document reviewers.

Language Testing

Types of Language Tests We Provide at ALTA

We offer language tests to assess various language skills like speaking, writing, reading comprehension, and more. We also offer standard language proficiency tests for all job types, across a variety of industries. Contact us to determine the testing solution that best meets your needs.

Interpretation Services

Additional Language Testing Services & Resources

Language Proficiency Testing Services

Language proficiency tests for business, healthcare organizations, and government agencies. Reliable language proficiency testing is available online and over the phone for any position.
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Translation Services

Professional localization and document translation services are trusted by thousands of organizations doing business globally. ISO-certified to ensure a fast turnaround, high accuracy, and exceptional quality.
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Interpreting Services

Qualified interpreters with experience in medical and legal settings, business meetings, conferences, and more. Available on-site and over-the-phone. Video remote interpreting and rental equipment also available.
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Proficiency Tests

Job-specific Language Proficiency Tests

Two decades of developing and administering language proficiency tests has helped us to gain a deep understanding of the language needs that apply to distinct industries, from government at the federal, state, and local level, to healthcare, legal, financial, global recruitment, travel and hospitality. We’ve articulated specific language needs for each industry and developed language proficiency tests based on the job requirements, industry terminology, and even a custom suite of tests.

Our thorough Job Analysis process defines the language requirements for any job in any industry, recommends the best test, and sets a legally defensible cut-score.

For industries that rely on specific language skills and terminology, we have developed custom suites of language tests, such as our award-winning language assessments developed in partnership with Kaiser Permanente for Healthcare organizations, and our custom Government and Legal language testing solutions.

Recruitment and Training: ALTA language tests are a valuable tool in the recruitment and training processes for major airlines, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, U.S. government agencies, and businesses of all sizes that serve a multilingual clientele or are looking to expand internationally.

Additional Information

Valid and Reliable Language Testing

We are able to provide language proficiency testing in more than 100+ languages anywhere in the world by harnessing the talents of linguists and subject matter experts with whom we have worked for over thirty years on translation, language training, and language testing solutions. If your organization only needs to assess the performance of Spanish speaking customer service representatives, then ALTA has the best solution.

To see a full list, please visit our Languages We Test page. If you do not see the language you need, contact us to learn about our custom test development process.

ALTA adheres to the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing when developing and validating our assessments. Among the organizations that rely on us to measure and report the language proficiency of their multilingual workforce are U.S. government agencies, global corporations, national healthcare providers, financial institutions, and global non-profit organizations.

ALTA’s language tests are developed in-house by an experienced team of test developers who specialize in creating reliable language performance measurement tools. Our language assessments are delivered through a secure online and telephonic testing system, in many cases available 24/7, that decreases administrative burden and streamlines the testing process. Setting us apart from other affordable language solutions, our assessments are scored by trained expert evaluators who are educated native speakers of the target language – not by an algorithm or a person who speaks the target as a second language. Our evaluator training program and strict quality assurance system provide for the highest levels of inter-rater reliability in the language testing industry. With little or no scheduling time required, and results guaranteed within two business days or sooner, our unparalleled suite of language testing tools will provide value to your organization as you define and implement your language strategy.

Contact ALTA Languages Services at 1-888-624-6165 or fill out the form above to discuss your language testing needs.

Available Industries

Language Testing by Industry


Our language services for the legal industry provide accurate and confidential translations of legal documents, courtroom interpretation, and deposition services. With a deep understanding of industry specific needs, we bridge language gaps and facilitate effective communication in legal proceedings.


Our specialized language services in healthcare offer accurate medical document translation, interpretation services for doctor-patient interactions, and multilingual support for medical conferences. With expertise in medical terminology and cultural nuances, we ensure clear and precise communication.


Our language services for the education sector include translation of educational materials, interpretation services for multicultural classrooms, and localization of e-learning platforms. With skilled linguists and educators, we ensure accurate translations, maintain information integrity, and promote inclusive learning environments.


For over 20 years, ALTA has been helping government agencies at the state, local and Federal levels with their foreign language needs.

Human Resources

ALTA Language Services is an industry leader in the foreign language services sector thanks to our workforce of more than 2,500 expert linguists around the world.

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