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Testing Services

ALTA is the chosen testing provider for legal staffing agencies that hire personnel for foreign language document review services. Our suite of reading assessments in over 50 languages—from Albanian to Vietnamese—helps organizations determine who has the requisite level of language skill to do the job.

Access ALTA’s network of court-certified and qualified legal interpreters working in 100+ languages and dialects. Whether on-site or virtual, we’ll help you find the perfect interpreter for your trial, hearing, or deposition.

Accurate legal translations, from transcribed testimony to case summaries, legal briefs, certificates, and decrees. ALTA can match your documents to experienced, professional legal translators, while providing certified and notarized copies for legal use.

Testing Services

ALTA’s Online Legal Reading Assessment

ALTA is the chosen testing provider for a number of legal staffing agencies that hire personnel for foreign language document review services. For this reason, we have developed a suite of reading assessments in over 50 languages—from Albanian to Vietnamese—to help organizations like yours determine who has the requisite level of language skill to do the job. And because the tests are performed online and are scored automatically, we make it easy and efficient for you to screen candidates and make hiring decisions on the spot.

The Legal Reading Assessment is an online test designed to verify whether or not a candidate can read and comprehend legal documentation written in the target language at a pre-determined level of skill based on our protocol. Each test consists of a variety of sample documentation written in the language being tested, with each passage being followed by a series of multiple-choice questions about the information contained within. Scoring is done on a percentage basis, making it easy for you to determine which of your candidates can read and comprehend legal documentation in the languages you need.

ALTA’s reading assessments are available through a password-protected website, and are simple to administer. Just log in with your credentials, register your candidates, and select the tests for them to take. Candidates can either take the tests on your site, or from a proctored location. Candidates simply read the material and mark their answers within the time allotted. After submitting their responses, the test is automatically scored and results are sent by email to your designated company administrator. The Legal Reading Assessment is available at per test.

ALTA understands the language testing needs of legal staffing organizations as well as of clients from a diverse range of industries. Take a look at who uses ALTA for their testing needs, and you’ll see that with ALTA, you are in good company.

Interpretation Services

Professional Language Interpretation for the Legal Industry

On-Site Interpretation | Face-to-Face Interpreting by ALTA

Schedule a professional consecutive or simultaneous interpreter for in-person meetings.
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Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services (OPI)

Schedule an interpreter to dial into your client meetings and ensure effective communication between all parties.
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Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI) | ASL Video Translation

Save money on travel expenses and connect with an experienced legal interpreter via a secure 2-way video platform.
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Real-Time Language Interpreters (RSI)

Add remote Simultaneous Interpretation to your Zoom call, video meeting, or webinar to make sure your message comes through loud and clear for your entire audience.
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Conference Interpreting

Add multi-lingual interpretation for any event, big or small. Our team will study your topic, set up the equipment, and deliver a next-level communication experience for you and your guests.
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Interpretation Equipment Rentals

Rent top-of-the-line sound-proof booths, headsets, transmitters, and microphones for your next event. Plus, count on our nationwide support team to help things run smoothly.
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Could A Professional Legal Interpreter Make Your Case?

Two decades of developing and administering language proficiency tests has helped us to gain a deep understanding of the language needs that apply to distinct industries, from government at the federal, state, and local level, to healthcare, legal, financial, global recruitment, travel and hospitality. We’ve articulated specific language needs for each industry and developed language proficiency tests based on the job requirements, industry terminology, and even a custom suite of tests.

We’ll find you a legal interpreter for:

Interpretation Modes

Choose The Most Effective Legal Interpretation Mode For Your Legal Setting.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The interpreter speaks at the same time as the presenter, using headsets to ensure that each participant hears only their language of choice—like they do at the United Nations.

Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker pauses to allow interpretation between sentences. This mode is best used for one-on-one scenarios or when most parties speak the same language.

Interpreter Types

Which Type of Legal Interpreter Do You Need?

Court-Certified Interpreters

Court-certified interpreters must pass a state-level exam permitting them to work in courtrooms and legally-binding proceedings. Languages available for certification vary by state, but ALTA offers court-certified legal interpreters in 10+ languages nationwide. Contact us for details and a free quote.

Court-Qualified Interpreters

Many depositions, mediations, and consultations don’t require a certified interpreter. ALTA’s network of 1,000+ qualified legal interpreters spanning 100+ languages and dialects is ideal for these scenarios. Our thoroughly-vetted court-qualified interpreters have at least 1 year of experience in your legal setting and/or extensive education in the field.

Translation Services

Legal Document Translation Services

Legal document translation plays a crucial role in ensuring effective communication and understanding between parties from different linguistic backgrounds in legal matters. Accurate and reliable translations of legal documents are essential for upholding justice, protecting rights, and facilitating international cooperation

Types of Legal Documents Translated by ALTA

Accurate legal translations, from transcribed testimony, to case summaries, legal briefs, certificates, and decrees. ALTA can match your documents to an experienced, professional translator who possesses the requisite knowledge of the legal system and the target language you seek. In addition, we complete your legal translations in an efficient, timely manner. At ALTA, we understand the importance of providing fast, accurate legal translation services!

The world of international commerce demands that legal documents be translated so that all of the parties involved in a contract have a thorough understanding of the legal language that comprises it. ALTA’s legal translators have extensive contract translation experience, ensuring that critical contractual clauses, figures, and concepts are conveyed accurately in the target language.

ALTA not only has a staff of professional legal specialists, but also a group that specializes almost exclusively in patent translation.

The language of these documents can be specific and, if not translated properly, can negatively impact a person’s life. At ALTA, we take great care to provide you with the best and most accurate divorce decree translations possible.

Will translation is among the most common forms of document translations, and it is extremely important in ensuring that a departed person’s wishes are not only respected, but that his or her assets are properly distributed. We understand that wills are an extremely sensitive subject, and we translate them in a timely and professional manner.


Why Choose ALTA for Accurate Legal Translation Services?

ALTA will be happy to provide document certification and notarization services at no additional cost, in English, your target language, or both.

ALTA will be happy to provide document certification and notarization services at no additional cost, in English, your target language, or both.

Our professional legal translation teams are on the ground in their respective countries, practicing law and translating legal documents, giving them intimate knowledge of the legal environment. In short, our teams are always improving upon their legal translation skills. We select people who strive for excellence in their professional legal translations services.

ALTA’s legal translators have a minimum of five years experience translating for the legal field. At our company, we only work with established, professional legal translators. Our clients deserve legal translation service of the highest quality!

Call 800.895.8210 for a free legal translation quote, or fill out the online Free Quote form above to help one of our project managers provide a quote for you today. Give us a few minutes and we will have a price quote for all of your language service needs!

What sets ALTA apart?

ALTA Quality means professional services & world-class support

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No waiting period or long application process. Get started with virtual or phone interpretation on the same day, and in-person services within 24 hours, depending on availability.

200+ Languages & Dialects Available

We offer 200+ languages on-demand with our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service, 30+ languages with pre-planned video calls and more than 200 languages via phone.

Experience & Knowledge

All of our interpreters meet our rigid standards for language proficiency. Need an interpreter with knowledge of physics or economics? We’ll find the perfect fit for you.

ISO-Certified Quality

We participate in regular ISO audits. Our exceptional attention to detail helped us acquire our ISO 9001:2015 certification inspection the first time through, with zero corrective actions required.

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