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About ALTA Language Services

ALTA has more than 30 years of experience providing language and cultural solutions to businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Founded in 1980 as a language training company, we initially operated under the name “Southeast Language Associates.” As the company grew, our services quickly expanded to include translations and language testing. With that, our client base expanded nationwide and we adopted the name “ALTA Language Services” in 1997. Employee-owned since 2011 and headquartered in Atlanta, ALTA has built strong relationships with language professionals worldwide. We are dedicated to providing quality service with a superior client experience.

Company Timeline


Southeast Language Associates is founded as a language training company.


We begin offering translation services.


Translation services expand regionally, mostly around the southeast.


We serve as the official translation provider for the Olympic and Paralympic games held in Atlanta, Georgia.


Company changes name to “ALTA Language Services”.


We begin offering language testing, and quickly establish ourselves as a market leader.


Milestone: We complete our 50,000th project in Translations.

ALTA becomes an employee-owned company.

ALTA’s Translation processes becomes ISO Certified.


ALTA reaches milestone of 1,000,000 language tests administered.

Service, Technology, Culture

Whether through translation services, language testing, or any of our client-tailored language solutions projects, ALTA develops and employs the latest technology to bridge cultures. It is the combination of our linguistic expertise, tech savviness, understanding of cultures, and quality service that sets us apart. ALTA employs a wide range of specialists including language trainers, language materials developers, project managers, translators, interpreters, editors, proofreaders, programmers, network and communication specialists and more.

Translation and Localization Services

In the translation market our specialty is solving communication problems where language and culture are barriers. This includes all forms of written and spoken communication (e.g. a Japanese business card, a French brochure or a large-scale multilingual web site). Specifically, our translating and typesetting project experience includes legal documents, technical manuals, patents, training materials, corporate brochures, newsletters, annual reports, product packaging, web sites and software localization. Our translation services include typesetting, interpreting, voice talent, and web design.

Language Testing Market Leader

ALTA is a major supplier of language testing services and the market leader in segments as diverse as airlines and call-centers. The Spoken Language Evaluation™ process is the protocol that ALTA developed and uses in its testing. This process allows ALTA to test effectively and reliably across a wide range of languages. ALTA is the inventor of language testing through videoconferencing, which allows certain identification of the person tested as well as remote testing. ALTA has the largest collection of recorded video language tests in the world.

Language Training Anywhere, Anytime

ALTA is the inventor of language training through desktop videoconferencing, which allows a student complete interaction with a trainer at a different location. Distance Language Training™ is ALTA’s family of language training services. As the market leader in providing live language training through videoconferencing, ALTA has in-depth experience in delivering the service and supporting students worldwide.


ALTA provides donations to charitable and non-profit organizations.

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