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ALTA partners with hundreds of companies across the country to verify language skills of customer service professionals.

ALTA’s language interpreting services for HR make it easy for you to communicate effectively with company staff and employees.

ALTA provides certified, notarized translations for important work documentation, including: compliance, workplace safety, insurance, contracts, and more.

Language Testing

ALTA’s Language Tests for HR

Whether it is for bilingual incentives or to determine whether a candidate has the skills needed for a task, you want to be certain that the testing you use is valid and reliable. ALTA offers a job analysis to help you determine the requisite level of language skill required for your positions according to our 12-level protocol, and will identify the tasks in which the customer service professional will need to use the target language. This gives you a basis for deciding which type of testing is appropriate as well as what your cut-score will be for determining who among your candidates has the required level of language skill to do the job.

Language Testing

Types of Language Tests We Provide at ALTA

When deciding which type of testing to use, it is important to match it to how the foreign language will be used on the job. Do your employees converse with your clients in the language? Do they prepare written communication? Perhaps they utilize advanced skills, such as interpretation or translation. Through the many test types we offer, ALTA can help you verify proficiency so that you can be confident that your employees represent your company no matter the language. The following test types are the most commonly used for customer service positions:

This test measures how well candidates can speak and understand the language when spoken.

This test measures the candidate’s ability to write in the target language.

This test verifies whether or not the candidate can read the language at the required skill level.

The Speaking and Listening Assessment

This test measures how well candidates can speak and understand the language when spoken.

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The Written Assessment

This test measures the candidate’s ability to write in the target language.

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The Reading Assessment

This test verifies whether or not the candidate can read the language at the required skill level.

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Customized Testing

In addition to the standard tests that ALTA offers, your assessments can also be customized to target the specific tasks and terminology that your customer service professionals use on the job. ALTA has experience modifying our regular test types, and has even created specialized exams such as online listening comprehension and vocabulary tests to be used in call centers and other customer service environments.

Interpretation Services

Professional Business Interpreters On-Site, Online And Over-The-Phone

We’ll find an interpreter with industry experience to attend your empoyee meeting, presentation, or conference, as well as arrange any travel and any necessary equipment.

Access remote interpreters on-demand in 10+ languages 24/7, or get a video interpreter in 30+ languages within 24 hours. Perfect for daily use for Human Resources, management teams, and conference calls with suppliers.

Save money on travel expenses and connect with an experienced interpreter via a secure 2-way video platform.

Save money on travel expenses and connect with an experienced legal interpreter via a secure 2-way video platform.

Add multi-lingual interpretation for any event, big or small. Our team will study your topic, set up the equipment, and deliver a next-level communication experience for you and your guests.

Rent top-of-the-line sound-proof booths, headsets, transmitters, and microphones for your next event. Plus, count on our nationwide support team to help things run smoothly.

Translation Services

Translation for Human Resources

We provide audio translation services in 100+ languages to localize online training content, messages from management, and more.

For 30 years, law firms, business, and government agencies throughout the country have relied on our document translation services.

ALTA is known for its highly accurate website translation services in over 100 language pairs including Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and German.

Are you looking for professional software localization services from a renowned software translator? Bringing you more than thirty years of experience, ALTA is an industry leader in software localization projects.

At ALTA, our multilingual desktop publishing solutions eliminate the need to hire freelance designers for the documents you have translated.

Professional Translation for Human Resources

ALTA Language Services is an industry leader in the foreign language services sector thanks to our workforce of more than 2,500 expert linguists around the world. Our company provides human resources translation in more than 100 foreign languages, with employee handbook translation being merely one of our many different areas of expertise. Companies of different sizes and industries, as well as government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, have consulted ALTA for our foreign language solutions due to our unrivaled degree of experience, reasonable rates, and punctual service.

Human Resources Translation

At ALTA, we pair your project with a native speaker in the target language to ensure the utmost level of accuracy in translation. Training programs, handbooks, manuals, and other human resources materials can be translated for employees overseas or for a team of employees based in your country. With experience in the translation industry spanning more than 30 years, you can rest assured that all of your projects will be in good hands with ALTA Language Services.

Employee handbook translation is just one of our areas of expertise in the realm of human resources translation. We also provide document translation services for the following human resources materials:

Other Language Solutions

ALTA truly is a comprehensive source for foreign language solutions.

ALTA’s large workforce of expert translators, editors, and industry professionals has allowed us to expand our portfolio of language solutions across the board. We offer the following translation services in addition to human resources translation:

  • Localization
  • Accent reduction
  • Language training
  • Language testing
  • Foreign language voice talent
  • Linguistic name evaluation
  • Subtitling
  • Document layout and formatting (desktop publishing)

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Additional Links and Resources

If you require more information regarding our handbook translation or various other language solutions, pay a visit to our FAQ page. You will find responses to several frequently asked questions on topics such as our supported systems, rates, linguists, and much more.

Would you like to see why countless satisfied customers have selected ALTA for their HR translation services for over 30 years? Visit our Translation Work Samples page to see a few of samples of previously-completed projects.

If you’re ready for expert assistance with the translation of your organization’s human resources materials, please call us at 800.895.8210 during our standard business hours of 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern. You may also get in touch with us through our speedy online form for a quick translation quote via one of our project leaders. Estimates and quotes on all of ALTA’s language solutions are free of charge, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us about your project.

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