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Desktop Publishing Services

Professional Multilingual Desktop Publishing Translation Services

At ALTA, our multilingual desktop publishing solutions eliminate the need to hire freelance designers for the documents you have translated. Whether you are preparing product inserts or instruction manuals for international products, our professional page layout service ensures that your final product will make a positive impression on your target audience, across different languages. Our translators and layout designers specialize in a variety of fields including technical business documents, marketing and advertising documents, and website files. Get started today and make ALTA Language Services your first choice in language solutions.


What is Desktop Publishing Services?

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP) allow for documents to be optimized for print and digital media using page layout design, typesetting, formatting and graphic editing. The designer who created your files may not feel comfortable handling the layout in other languages due to language-specific requirements such as word growth, left-to-right layout, and Unicode font selection – and that’s where our experts come in. DTP services ensure that text documents like brochures, books, or banner ads are consistent across all publishing mediums and relay the same message whether on a printed pamphlet or your website.

ALTA’s Desktop Publishing Services

Our team of DTP specialists work closely with you to develop document templates for your publications while remaining true to your brand’s image and messaging to foreign language target audiences.

Our DTP specialists maintain consistency across all your visual communication collateral- we offer layout design, layout formatting and file conversion that allows for you to translate text into different target languages while maintaining a consistent brand message.

When text is translated into a foreign language, your document may require substantial adjustments. If the translated language is read from right to left, or it uses a different alphabet, it will most likely change the layout, length or font of a document. We ensure that your text uses the correct fonts and is translated accurately across all languages.

DTP Platforms and Software

We work with a variety of file formats and software packages, including but not limited to:

Additional Language Services by ALTA

Since 1980, we have been providing foreign language services to the private sector, non-profits, and government organizations. Our translation services are only one aspect of the multilingual solutions we provide. Some of our other language include:

We offer customized language testing to meet the needs of your organization. We adjust our testing process so the results accurately represent the speaker’s language proficiency, depending on the demands of specific industries.

Our online language classes help improve both speaking and reading skills. The class times are flexible and make it possible for language students to study even if they have a busy schedule.

We also offer accent reduction classes, which allows your partners or clients to focus on what is being said, not how it is being said.

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We can help you with any multilingual desktop publishing project. We have extensive experience producing multilingual books for the nation’s leading publishers, and our project managers are the best in the business. Fill out our online form for a free quote or contact us at 800.895.8210.

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