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Expert Interpreters Where and When You Need Them

Count on ALTA’s network of over 2,500 professional interpreters to help you communicate with anyone—around the world and around the clock.

Whether you need interpreters every day or just once in a while, a talented interpreter can help you do more business, help others, and even save lives. For over 30 years, ALTA has been providing language solutions to businesses, hospitals, government agencies, law firms, nonprofit organizations, and many more. We’ll match you with the perfect interpreter for your language needs and your industry, while protecting the privacy of all parties in the process.

Interpretation Services

Unlock global opportunities with professional language interpretation services.

On-Site Interpretation | Face-to-Face Interpreting by ALTA

Schedule a professional consecutive or simultaneous interpreter for in-person meetings.
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Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services (OPI)

Schedule an interpreter to dial into your client meetings and ensure effective communication between all parties.
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Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI) | ASL Video Translation

Save money on travel expenses and connect with an experienced legal interpreter via a secure 2-way video platform.
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Real-Time Language Interpreters (RSI)

Add remote Simultaneous Interpretation to your Zoom call, video meeting, or webinar to make sure your message comes through loud and clear for your entire audience.
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Conference Interpreting

Add multi-lingual interpretation for any event, big or small. Our team will study your topic, set up the equipment, and deliver a next-level communication experience for you and your guests.
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Interpretation Equipment Rentals

Rent top-of-the-line sound-proof booths, headsets, transmitters, and microphones for your next event. Plus, count on our nationwide support team to help things run smoothly.
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What sets ALTA apart?

ALTA Quality means professional services & world-class support.

Access Interpreters Anytime

We know the world doesn’t run on US business hours, so we make it easy to find the work with ALTA interpreters at any time of the day. Schedule in advance or access on-demand services with a monthly plan.

200+ Languages & Dialects Available

Get on-demand telephone interpretation in over 200 languages and in-person and video services in 15+ languages. If you have a specific need, we’ll help you find the right interpreter for you.

Professional Interpreters

All ALTA interpreters are certified by one or more nationally-recognized organizations (NAJIT, ATA, CCIA, or ITI), or have been tested by ALTA for language proficiency, interpreting skills, and standards for ethical conduct.

The Highest Quality, Certified!

We participate in regular ISO audits by a third-party registrar. Our exceptional attention to detail helped us acquire our ISO 9001-2015 certification inspection the first time through, with zero corrective actions required.


Language Interpretation by Industry.


Our language services for the legal industry provide accurate and confidential translations of legal documents, courtroom interpretation, and deposition services. With a deep understanding of industry specific needs, we bridge language gaps and facilitate effective communication in legal proceedings.


Our specialized language services in healthcare offer accurate medical document translation, interpretation services for doctor-patient interactions, and multilingual support for medical conferences. With expertise in medical terminology and cultural nuances, we ensure clear and precise communication.


Our language services for the education sector include translation of educational materials, interpretation services for multicultural classrooms, and localization of e-learning platforms. With skilled linguists and educators, we ensure accurate translations, maintain information integrity, and promote inclusive learning environments.


For over 20 years, ALTA has been helping government agencies at the state, local and Federal levels with their foreign language needs.

Human Resources

ALTA Language Services is an industry leader in the foreign language services sector thanks to our workforce of more than 2,500 expert linguists around the world.

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