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Finance Industry

Financial Language Services

Get fast and accurate translations of financial documents or contracts and access a network of experienced financial interpreters to provide financial services to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers. ALTA has provided financial language services to industry leaders for 40+ years through our network of over 2,500 professional translators and interpreters.

Comply with lender regulations for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers.

In 2023, the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) released new guidelines and best practices in banks, credit unions, and other lenders for communicating with LEP consumers.

ALTA can help you ensure information accessibility for financial services in over 100 languages. Access our network of over 2,500 professional financial translators to grow your banking services responsibly with LEP customers.

We provide LEP accessibility for:

Translation Services

Make financial services accessible to LEP consumers with accurate translations by experienced translators in over 100+ languages.

Translate any financial document quickly & accurately.

ALTA Language Services has provided translation services to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and financial institutions in 100+ languages since 1980.

Our financial document translation service includes a multi-phase quality assurance process, and we utilize the latest translation memory tools to ensure consistency across your documents and projects.

Our expert financial translators deliver translated documents and contracts that meet or exceed the level of the English source text.



Finance Translation Services for the Digital Age

We can work with any native file format, including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Publisher, to provide you with polished documents ready to publish.
Beyond our cultural and linguistic expertise, we have the technical savvy to handle website translation projects using web-based file formats, including HTML, XML, JAVA, and ASP.
We have the network and resources to accommodate even the most aggressive turnarounds to meet your critical scheduling needs.
Documents submitted for translation are stored safely and securely, and we’ll gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your proprietary info is safe with us.

Need to translate financial documents?

We speak the language of global finance.

With over 2,500 interpreters in 100+ languages, ALTA makes it easy to do business across town or across borders.

Whether expanding overseas or issuing a mortgage for a bilingual family, our interpreters ensure that you and your business partners understand each other.

Sign up for a monthly service to access interpreters on demand. Or take advantage of our extensive network of financial interpreters to schedule services when you need them.

Find financially fluent interpreters for LEP customers:

Testing Services

Language Testing for Finance Companies

Ensure your bilingual employees have the language skills required to properly and effectively communicate critical financial information to customers with Limited English Proficiency.

Grow Your Business with LEP Customers

Over 21% of Americans speak a language other than English at home. It’s a largely under-banked population that presents a huge growth opportunity for financial institutions.

But not all employees who self-identify as bilingual can accurately communicate critical details about a bank account, loan, or investment to your LEP customers.

ALTA can help. More than two decades of developing and administering language proficiency tests give us a deep understanding of the language needs of financial professionals.

We’ve even developed a customized listening and speaking test specifically for the finance industry to ensure your team is qualified to help you grow with LEP customers.

This test measures how well candidates can speak and understand the language when spoken.

*Finance industry-specific assessment
This test verifies whether or not the candidate can read the language at the required skill level.
This test measures the candidate’s ability to write in the target language.
This test verifies whether or not the candidate can translate material written in English into the target language, or material written in the target language into English.
This test verifies whether or not the candidate can provide a consecutive interpretation between two speakers in English and the target language.

What sets ALTA apart?

ALTA Quality means professional services & world-class support

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No waiting period or long application process. Get started with virtual or phone interpretation on the same day, and in-person services within 24 hours, depending on availability.

200+ Languages & Dialects Available

We offer 200+ languages on-demand with our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service, 30+ languages with pre-planned video calls and more than 200 languages via phone.

Experience & Knowledge

All of our interpreters meet our rigid standards for language proficiency. Need an interpreter with knowledge of physics or economics? We’ll find the perfect fit for you.

ISO-Certified Quality

We participate in regular ISO audits. Our exceptional attention to detail helped us acquire our ISO 9001:2015 certification inspection the first time through, with zero corrective actions required.

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