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Professional Website Software Localization

Are you looking for professional software localization services from a renowned software translator? Translating software is a rare and highly-specialized skill that requires a wide variety of talents. Software localization is very complex, benefiting from knowledge not only of the target language, but of how software is put together in terms of its user interface, documentation, programming, and many other factors. Bringing you more than thirty years of experience, ALTA is an industry leader in software localization projects.

Professional Software Localization Services

Our translators provide you with native fluency in more than 100 languages. When it comes to software projects, each project is managed according to the best practices established by the project management community. That means our project managers are able to safeguard your budget and timeline and get you results that exceed expectations.

Software is one of the most difficult products to translate effectively. In addition to ensuring that every textual aspect of the interface has been completely translated, it is important to localize the interface in every way possible. Standards for display of various forms of information vary wildly between cultures. To localize software effectively, ALTA provides foreign-language QA services to pilot the software in the target languages. This ensures there are no concatenation issues or related bugs in the target language prior to launch.

When translating software, it may also be necessary to localize additional collateral, such as marketing materials and technical documentation. Since all of these items draw upon the content of your software, having them translated by the same professional organization is an ideal solution. ALTA is positioned to help you not only with translating your software, but with everything that goes along with it, ensuring a cohesive, coherent experience that will help make your product a success in its target market. Additionally, once we have worked with you to localize your content for a single foreign market, it becomes much easier and faster to build on the process later.

If users do not experience the functionality from your product they expect, you will not get the sales you desire. A big part of functionality is ensuring that users understand your interface and are able to find content and achieve their goals. Seconds count in software, so any form of confusion can cause users to bounce from your software. A professional translation can make it more than 50% more likely that a user from another culture will continue to enjoy your product— making it far more likely that he or she will continue to do business with you in the future. Translation is one of the most critical aspects of your global bottom line.

With hundreds of translators and the best project management in the business, ALTA is ready to help you achieve a successful launch in more than 100 languages. If you want to learn more about our software localization services, simply call us at 800.895.8210, or fill out our online form for a free quote.

What sets ALTA apart?

ALTA Quality means professional services & world-class support

Fast, Free Estimates

Our quotes are always free for all types of projects. You will receive a quote within 2 business hours or less. For a free estimate, fill out the quote form or contact us at 800.895.8210. Rush services are always available.

2500+ Expert Translators

Our rigorous screening process ensures your translation will be completed by one of the most talented translators in the industry. Our professional translators are subject matter experts who are matched to your document based on their education and experience.


Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring the translation process follows industry best practices from start to finish.

Certified Translations

ALTA provides certified translations and notarized translations for legal use, such as translations required for law firms or court cases. Hard copies are provided at no extra charge.


ALTA is 100% owned by its employees. This means when you reach out to us, you will be greeted by an employee-owner – someone who is vested in the success, timeliness, and quality of your project.

Translation Technology

ALTA uses translation memory software to ensure we keep costs low and turnaround time fast. Not to be confused with machine translation, translation memory is a productivity tool that discounts for repetitive text.

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