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Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting For Education, Medical, Government & More.

Schedule professional interpreting services and rent top-of-the-line equipment for your next multi-lingual meeting or special event.

What your conference interpretation experience will look like.

We understand that setting up interpretation for a conference isn’t your area of expertise. So we’ll assign you a dedicated Project Manager to help you plan and execute a successful interpretation strategy.

Our experienced sales and project management teams will review your event details to help you determine your interpretation equipment needs and plan an effective implementation strategy. We guide you smoothly through the entire process because we know the right questions to ask from the start.

From getting your equipment to the site to choosing the right interpreters for your conference, our team gets to work well in advance to make your event a success. We will find highly trained professional interpreters with specific, in-depth knowledge of your subject matter. And we’ll use our extensive network to find local interpreters, when possible, to save you money on travel and lodging expenses.

Your Project Manager will arrive in plenty of time to get all of your conference interpretation equipment set up and tested before your first speaker takes the stage. Attendees will be issued language-appropriate headsets on arrival. And of course, your Project Manager is standing by to resolve any technical issues quickly. For multi-day assignments, your Project Manager can make day-to-day adjustments, if necessary.

Your Project Manager will listen to and respond to your feedback during the event. After the conference, we’ll ask for your detailed input on our interpretation services in a feedback survey. Let us know what you loved and any areas we can improve. We’re constantly incorporating your feedback to help us improve our conference interpreting procedures and make sure we are 110% prepared for your next event!

Make your next event a huge success with professional conference interpreting services.

Any time you bring people together from varying languages and cultures, clear communication is essential to achieving your goals.

ALTA’s interpreters, project managers, and technical staff are all highly experienced in planning and executing successful conference interpretation projects. We’ll help you overcome linguistic and cultural boundaries to communicate your message

Plan for your technical needs, find local interpreters with the right industry experience, and get an active partner in building a hugely successful event.

Find on-site interpreters for all types of events:

Need conference interpreting equipment?

Your custom quote will include any equipment you need. But if you already have interpreters and a tech team in place for your conference, we can also rent you just the receiver-fitted headsets, transmitters, interpretation booths, or whatever equipment you need.

Check out our interpretation equipment rentals page to learn more.

What sets ALTA apart?

ALTA Quality means professional services & world-class support

Qualified & Certified Interpreters

ALTA offers both qualified and certified interpreters nationwide. Our interpreters have either received national certification or passed internal assessments for proficiency, skills, and ethical conduct.

30+ Languages Available

Our network of over 2,000 interpreters means that we can find local interpreters in almost any industry or specialty, to save you money on travel, lodging, and other expenses.

Expert Project Managers

Our highly-trained PM's help you stage-manage a complex production of deadlines, equipment, and people to deliver a world-class experience to your guests.

COVID-19 In-Person Protocols

Our on-site interpreting staff are instructed to follow strict safety protocols to keep you and your team protected in the current crisis. Just reach out to learn more.

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Communicate your message clearly with ALTA’s conference interpreting services.

Send us a message to tell us more about your event. We promise to handle the interpretation side of things, so you can worry about organizing and producing an event that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

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