American English Pronunciation Lesson: U.S. States and Cities

The following recordings will guide you through American English pronunciations of U.S. states and cities. You can listen to the phrases directly on our website or download them for later playback on any standard MP3 compatible device. Listen, repeat, and practice!


Alabama | AL
Alabama is a southern U.S. state. Alabama.

Alaska | AK
Alaska is the largest U.S. state, but one of the least populated. Alaska.

Arizona | AZ
Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon. Arizona.

Arkansas | AR
The capital of Arkansas is the city of Little Rock. Arkansas.

California | CA
Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento are cities in California. California.

Colorado | CO
Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains. Denver is the capital of Colorado.

Connecticut | CT
The second “c” in Connecticut is not pronounced. Connecticut.

Delaware | DE
Delaware was the first State to sign the U.S. Constitution. Delaware.

Florida | FL
Miami and Jacksonville are major cities located in the state of Florida. Florida.

Georgia | GA
Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. Georgia.

Hawaii | HI
Many people vacation on the island of Hawaii. Hawaii.

Idaho | ID
Idaho is famous for its potato farms. Idaho.

Illinois | IL
Coming soon.

Indiana | IN
Indiana is a Midwestern U.S. State. Indiana.

Iowa | IA
Iowa is home to many corn farms. Iowa.

Kansas | KS
Tornadoes are common in Kansas. Kansas.

Kentucky | KY
Kentucky is home to many horse farms. Kentucky.

Louisiana | LA
Louisiana was named after Louis XIV, King of France. Louisiana.

Maine | ME
Maine is the largest state in New England, a northeast U.S. region. Maine.

Maryland | MD
Coming soon.

Massachusetts | MA
Coming soon.

Michigan | MI
Many cars are manufactured in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan.

Minnesota | MN
St. Paul and Minneapolis are the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Minnesota.

Mississippi | MS
Mississippi is a State and the name of the largest U.S. River. Mississippi.

Missouri | MO
Coming soon.

Montana | MT
Montana is one of the largest U.S. States. Montana.

Nebraska | NE
Nebraska is a leading agriculture state. Nebraska.

Nevada | NV
Coming soon.

New Hampshire | NH
Many residents of New Hampshire enjoy snow skiing. New Hampshire.

New Jersey | NJ
There is more to New Jersey than Jersey Shore. New Jersey.

New Mexico | NM
New Mexico is a beautiful Southwestern State. New Mexico.

New York | NY
Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, which is in the State of New York. New York.

North Carolina | NC
Charlotte is a city in North Carolina. North Carolina.

North Dakota | ND
South Dakota | SD
North and South Dakota are both U.S. States. North Dakota, South Dakota.

Ohio | OH
Ohio is a Midwestern U.S. State. Ohio.

Oklahoma | OK
Like many places in the U.S., Oklahoma gets its name from Native Americans. Oklahoma.

Oregon | OR
Coming soon.

Pennsylvania | PA
Coming soon.

Rhode Island | RI
Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. State. Rhode Island.

South Carolina | SC
Coastal cities in South Carolina are sometimes hit by hurricanes. South Carolina.

Tennessee | TN
Memphis is a city in western Tennessee. Tennessee.

Texas | TX
Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio are all cities in Texas. Texas is big.

Utah | UT
Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Utah.

Vermont | VT
Vermont is a major producer of Maple Syrup. Vermont.

Virginia | VA
Arlington is a city in Virginia. Virginia.

Washington | WA
Washington is a northwestern State, but Washington D.C. is a federal district on the east coast. Washington.

West Virginia | WV
West Virginia has a large coal mining industry. West Virginia.

Wisconsin | WI
Coming soon.

Wyoming | WY
Wyoming is large, but it is the least populated U.S. State. Wyoming.


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