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American Pronunciation Lesson: A Visit to the Doctor

It is important for English learners to master proper intonation and pronunciation when speaking with a doctor, a nurse, or a pharmacist.

ALTA’s accent reduction training includes interactive homework lessons featuring recordings of real-world scenarios, such as A Visit to the Doctor.

The following recordings (MP3 files that you can listen to repeatedly, or download for use on any media player) will guide you through 22 typical English phrases used during a doctor’s visit.

Listen, repeat, and practice!

1. I have an appointment with the doctor.

2. Here is my insurance card.

3. Here are all my prescription medications.

4. It hurts here.

5. Is it broken?

6. I haven’t been sleeping well.

7. I have a fever.

8. I feel dizzy and light-headed.

9. I feel nauseous.

10. I have diarrhea.

11. I’ve had these symptoms for a week.

12. Can you write me a prescription?

13. Are there any side effects?

14. I have gained weight recently.

15. I exercise on a regular basis.

16. I have a pretty healthy diet.

17. There is no history of cancer or heart disease in my family.

18. I am a diabetic.

19. I am allergic to antibiotics.

20. Do I need surgery?

21. Can you refer me to a specialist?

22. When is my next appointment?


To download these English phrases for playback on any MP3 compatible device, simply right click and “save link as” or “save target as” — DOWNLOAD .

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