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What is Social Communication, and Why is it so Important?

We use it every time we go to a party, talk to a colleague, make a phone call, or go through the checkout line at the grocery store. Social communication is otherwise defined as the set of verbal and nonverbal skills we employ to navigate all social interactions.

Learn to Speak English with a Reduced Accent: Accent Reduction Training

“Pardon, could you please repeat that, I don’t quite understand?” How many times have you said or thought this while on call, in meetings, or directly communicating with a stranger or your boss as a foreigner? So sad. But wait… Do you want to learn how to speak English without problems like this? If so, […]

A Guide to Medical Translation Services

When setting up medical translation services, it’s best to get specific about the expertise of the translator and the languages or dialects requested. However, since prices vary according to your needs, entrusting a premium language company to balance cost and expertise is worthwhile. This post articulates medical translation concerns and best practices. Medical Translations – […]

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