Top 10 Languages Tested in 2011

Beyond Words Language Blog readers might know ALTA primarily as a translation company, but we are also national leaders in the Language Testing sector. Our leadership in medical, government, and corporate language testing keeps us busy with interesting projects for clients and partners. In the last year alone, we worked with Walmart, Kaiser Permanente, International SOS, major US airlines, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations throughout the world.

We test nearly 100 languages, but just as our top translation services provide an interesting glimpse at language trends for business and government, the top languages we test reflect much about current political and economic conditions, and the importance of valid and reliable language skill verification for business, health care, and national security. Here is the data on the top languages we tested in 2011:

Top 10 Languages Tested (2011)

The Top 10 Languages Tested by ALTA Language Services in 2011: English, Spanish, Pashto, Arabic, Dari, Japanese, French, Farsi, Korean, and Russian.

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ALTA’s tests include:
Medical Language Tests
Spanish Tests
English Tests
Translation Assessment
Interpreter Assessment
Language Review Services
Speaking and Listening Test
Writing Skills Test
Reading Comprehension Test
Tests in 90 other languages

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