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Translation Tip of the Week: Establish a Relationship with your Translation Agency

Most of us would rather go to the same doctor for medical questions, the same mechanic for car repairs, and the same barber or hair stylist for a trim. The level of trust and personalized knowledge that grows with time is what builds a true working relationship; it distinguishes a dependable business partner from a generic service-provider. Without a doubt, this holds true for language services vendors. International organizations and companies that work with multilingual clients can benefit greatly from maintaining a consistent translation agency partner over the course of multiple projects.

With each new task, the vendor gains a deeper working knowledge of the nuances of their client’s business, as well as a clear understanding of expectations, communication preferences, and other day-to-day aspects that contribute to a smooth business relationship. Below are three steps to follow to ensure your company’s translation needs are being met.

  1. Shop Around

It may seem obvious to do the research before entrusting your work to a new translation agency. The less obvious component, however, is knowing what to research. Factors such as an agency’s reputation, client reviews and testimonials, and number of years in the field should certainly play a role in the decision. Ask what kind of clients they work with, or what credentials they have for their linguists.

  1. Provide the Right Resources for Success

Even the most capable language services vendor can be handicapped by not having enough information from a client. Familiarize your translation agency with any industry-specific language and legal or technical requirements to ensure accurate and consistent results. Has your organization compiled a glossary of regularly-used terms and phrases? Great! Supply your vendor with these materials, then be sure to discuss any potential concerns or ambiguities. As with any service-provider, remember that your success is their success. Laying a solid foundation early on will lead to a high caliber of work as the relationship continues.

  1. Keep Up the Communication

Your business is not static, which means that client-vendor relations should reflect your latest and most relevant goals. Continue to keep your translation partner aware of changes to terminology, product offerings, and any other developments that have a bearing on their output. Over time, a seasoned project manager becomes an expert in meeting your expectations and adapting to your business needs.

At ALTA, our team of language service professionals has a unique advantage when it comes to providing you with exceptional service and a commitment to achieving your language goals. We are 100 percent employee-owned, so you can expect a level of quality that matches our mantra: “Think like an owner.” When you reach out to one of our project managers, sales directors, or customer service representatives, you will be greeted by someone who is genuinely vested in the success of your project. There are 2500+ professional linguists and 30 years of experience behind our work and translation project estimates are always free. View some examples of our work for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and contact us today for a quote.

About the Translation Tip of the Week Series

ALTA Language Services shares tips, tricks, and translation best practices. These industry insights are especially helpful for companies and individuals who work with translation agencies on a regular basis, or are in the market for complex translation services.

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