University of Maryland Launches Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation Program

Joining a small cadre of U.S. universities that offer graduate degrees in Translation and Interpretation, the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland (College Park) has launched its Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation Program (GSIT). The program is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2013 academic year, due February 1 for international students and May 1 for U.S. applicants.

Beginning with a Chinese/English language combination, as well as a multilingual track that will allow applicants to enroll with any language combination during the first year, the program organizers aim to eventually incorporate a host of other languages. According to program interim director, Dr. Shawn J. Parry-Giles, the ultimate goal is to offer Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, and Russian, according to demand.

Housed within the Department of Communication, GSIT is unique in offering two types of professional interpretation courses: Consecutive Interpreting and Public Service Interpreting. The latter includes training in specialized health and legal content, as well as in hospital, court, and community settings. In addition to a master’s program, the department will offer a 21-credit Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Translation.

For more information, visit the GSIT website at or contact Dr. Shawn J. Parry-Giles or Jenny Shi.

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