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Written Translation Services

Written Translation Services

ALTA offers written translation services in over 100 different languages. Our team understands how important it is that your documents are translated accurately, and we work with subject matter experts to ensure that industry-specific documents are translated using the appropriate terminology for the field.

We work with native language translators to guarantee that all written translation services are formatted using phrases and cultural nuances that make sense to the reader.

In this article, you will learn why it is important to receive high-quality written translation services and the steps ALTA uses to make sure your document is translated accurately and delivered to you as quickly as possible. 

How Much Do Written Translation Services Cost?

Whether you need birth certificates, promotional material, or business contracts translated, the first step in the process is to agree on a quote. ALTA offers affordable rates and fast turnaround, but multiple factors influence how much it will cost to get your written documents translated.

The cost of professional document translation services varies depending on many factors, such as the length and type of documents to be translated. Large volumes will also be factored into the quote.

The deadline for receiving the final document is factored into the quote. Our team of professional translators can turn projects around in as little as 24 hours. So even if you are working to meet a tight deadline for a client overseas or need to quickly translate legal documents, our team can get to work almost immediately.

The language pair being translated may also impact the cost of the document translation service. ALTA offers accurate document translations in more than 100 languages, and we only use established expert linguists for written translation projects.

To request a free estimate, simply fill out the request form online or give us a call at 800.895.8210. You won’t have to wait long – most quotes are available 2 business hours after our team receives your documents. After agreeing on the quote, our team will get to work on your document translation services.

How Much Do Literary Translators Charge?

Literary translation services require a specific set of skills and knowledge base from professional translators. Whether you are working on a piece of fiction or non-fiction, it needs to follow the same writing style and nuances of your tone so readers will experience the written work just as you intended.

ALTA professional translators are available to translate children’s books, poetry, short stories, novels, songs, literary articles, and more. Literary translations require artistic and poetic finesse on top of accurate, high-quality translations.

Trusting your creative project to a translator might seem daunting, but don’t worry. The ALTA team has more than 30 years of experience working on literary translation services. A native speaker will ensure that the work is translated in a way that retains your vision and maintains the literary concepts you used in the original document. Our team of native speakers can also flag any concepts or ideas that might not be appropriate for a certain culture.

If you don’t need an entire book translated, ALTA can also help with individual page translations. Whether you need a glossary, prologue, or bibliography translated, our team is here to help.

Once your project is translated into other languages, it has the potential to be shared with international customers all over the world. This helps bring your work to people from different cultures and different countries. Your readership can grow, and people around the globe will have the chance to enjoy your work.

Certified vs. Notarized Translation Services

When you need legal document translation services, you will probably wonder what the difference is between certified translation services and notarized translation services. This is a very common question, and ALTA can provide both types of services.

Documents may need to be certified depending on what they are being used for. Government agencies and courtrooms typically only accept certified documents. When a document is certified, it guarantees that the translator is unbiased and does not have a vested interest in the translation. That means you can’t translate your own legal document for a court case, for example.

There is no official US agency that certifies legal documents, but ALTA can provide certification services. This comes at no additional fee and is included in the price of the translation.

Certified translated documents include an official translator stamp on each page and a letter from a professional translator that guarantees quality and accurate translation.

Some documents may need a notarized translation, especially if they are being used at the DMV or for a US passport application.

Notarized translation services include an additional stamp from a third-party notary. The professional translator will sign the certification letter in the presence of the notary, who will then give the additional stamp on this letter.

ALTA also offers notarized translation services. When making your free quote request, let us know if your project requires certification or notarized translation services.

Can I Certify My Own Translation For USCIS?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires certified documents for any translated forms. It is a good idea to get these documents certified by a professional translator. While it is no guarantee, getting these forms certified by a professional might make it easier for the translated document to be approved by USCIS.

When you are going through the US immigration process, you will need to provide birth certificates, marriage licenses, and many other legal documents such as divorce documents, court documents, tax returns, and more. All of these forms will need to be translated from the original language into English.

The US immigration process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If your translated documents are rejected along the way, you will have to stop the process and get these re-translated. In order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, we recommend working with a professional translator to ensure the documents are translated accurately.

The US does not have official certified translation services, but ALTA can help. Contact us by phone at 800.895.8210 or fill out the request form online to get started. We will ensure your legal documents are ready for the USCIS by certifying each form.

How Do I Get An Official Translation Of A Document?

Need an official translated copy of a document? You’ll want to enlist the help of certified translators or a certified translation company. Official translations are the same as certified translation services, and the document will be stamped with the official translator stamp.

Whether you need business documents, marketing collateral, or a legal document translated, ALTA is here to help. We rely on a team of expert translators and cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled customer service and a quick turnaround for official documents.

ALTA offers official translation services for the following documents:

  • birth certificates
  • business plans
  • business contract
  • income statements
  • employee handbooks
  • and many others

What makes a translated document official? Think about it this way. Let’s say you need to send a business contract to a client who lives in France. Your business is based in the United States, and your business operations are conducted in English. But your potential clients speak French.

You could run the document through Google Translate, but since you don’t speak French, there’s no guarantee that the translated document says what you want it to say. And you don’t want to risk sending an inaccurate contract to a potential client.

Official translations or certified translations guarantee that the translated document says exactly what the original document said. Certified experts will take your source document and accurately translate it from one language to the other.

Securing an official translation is important for business contracts but is also essential for legal documents, medical paperwork, literary projects, and many other written documents. Anything that you need to be translated would benefit from being translated by a certified translator.

To get an official translation of a document, contact professional document translation services like ALTA. You can upload your document directly on the website, and it will be turned around in as little as 24 hours. ALTA can work with any file type, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, along with PDFs and Adobe InDesign. Your translated document will be returned in the same or similar format.

Fast and Professional Document Translations You Can Trust

When you need document translation services, it is key that you can get the project completed in a fast and professional manner.

Machine translation won’t cut it when you need medical documents, employee handbooks, or legal documents translated. You need to work with a certified translation company that you can trust to employ native human speakers to translate your documents.

ALTA has worked with government agencies, law firms, and businesses around the country for more than 30 years to provide document translation services. Our translating team is skilled and ready to get started on your translation project.

Document translation services are available in the language you need. We translate written projects into more than 100 different languages. Need it translated into multiple languages? We can do that too.

For an almost instant quote, give us a call at 800.895.8210 or fill out the quote request form online. You will receive your free quote in as little as 2 business hours. We will bring expertise, punctuality, and a reasonable price to every translation project.

Contact ALTA today to learn more about our written document translation services and the other translation services we offer.

Stephanie Brown is a New York City-based travel blogger and freelance content creator. You can find her at The Adventuring Millennial.

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