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Language Training

ALTA Language Training Development

All ALTA Language Training Programs are customized to include your terminology and your business situations. This does not mean we start from “scratch.” We use a well-defined process of integrating your needs and content with ALTA’s state-of-the-art language training methods and materials.

We can create Programs in English, Spanish and many other languages. We create programs for oral skills as well as reading and writing skills. Our Language Training Program Development process leads to a Program that can be delivered by ALTA, by the client’s trainers or by third-party trainers.

Program Definition

ALTA development experts take the information from the Program Definition step and create the content. For example, an English Language Program for developing oral skills has a well-defined sequence for what is taught so that each lesson builds on what the student has already learned. The program is assembled in this structured manner using the client’s content (e.g. terminology, scenarios, photographs). Included in the development are the creation of graphics and student exercises. Successful Programs need to be structurally sound and enjoyable to be effective. One output of this process is a Student Manual.

We next create a Trainer’s Manual, training aids and appropriate testing to verify performance.


Program Piloting

Next, we pilot the Program to verify that it performs as intended. This is usually on-site piloting. If the Program is to be delivered by the client, the client’s trainers are included in the piloting. Piloting usually results in some adjustments in the content of the Program.
When the adjustments from piloting are completed, the Program is ready for Program Delivery by ALTA, the client’s trainers or third-party trainers. If ALTA is not delivering the Program, a Train-the-Trainer session is provided.


Program Management

All Language Training Program Development Projects have a Project Director whose responsibility is to create the Program that will give the results you expect. The Developers, Linguists and Graphic Designers report to the Project Director.

What this means is that you have a decision-maker to make the development work, to discuss details and to adjust to unexpected changes.

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