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Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole Translation Services

Looking to translate documents from Haitian Creole into English or from English into Haitian Creole? With 30 years in the industry, ALTA Language Services has perfected the translation process and is trusted for translation quality and accuracy. Our native language professional translators have significant experience and ensure that translations sound native to your target audience.

Professional Haitian Creole Translation Services

For a free quote, fill out the form below, or contact ALTA at 1.800.895.8210. ALTA also offers Haitian Creole translations for the following industries:

About Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole is the national language of Haiti. Haitian Creole is also spoken in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Canada, France, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, and in the U.S. Even though it is a French-based creole language, it is not mutually intelligible with French (French speakers cannot understand Haitian Creole, and vice versa).

While 90% of Haitian vocabulary is of French origin, the grammar of these two languages is completely different. For example, verbs in Haitian Creole are not conjugated, while French verbs undergo conjugation to indicate tense. Other linguistic differences include pluralization of nouns and different orthographies.

Using a professional Haitian Creole or French Creole translator with an expert understanding of the vocabulary and grammar is important when translating to or from Haitian Creole, as French translators will not be able to translate the nuances of the language.

We hand select our network of translators based on the highest level of native language fluency in both languages, knowledge of specialized industry terminology, be it “legal-ese” or medical terms, and years of translation experience. All of our Haitian Creole translators undergo a rigorous internal vetting process before they are selected to work on your project.

Our translation processes and in-house quality management systems are ISO certified. This ensures that our entire translation process, including core systems and resources, meet the demanding testing requirements for a quality translation service.

  • High Quality Translation Accuracy: Human translators surpass machine translations by far in translating style, tone, and cultural nuances across languages and cultures. ALTA ensures that we never compromise quality or accuracy for your translations.
  • Cross-Cultural Translations: Our team of translators take into account your target audience and the culture, always providing more than literal translations.
  • Immediately Ready for Use: Our translators and editors work within the native file of your documents, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher, so that they are ready for distribution.

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