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Professional Russian Translators and Russian Interpreters

If you’re in need of high-quality Russian translation services or looking for a qualified Russian interpreter, ALTA can help. Our company has been providing language services to the Fortune 500, law firms, and government for more than thirty years. Whether you need to translate from Russian to English, from English to Russian, or both, we have a professional Russian translator available to assist. We take pride in our reputation for providing prompt and accurate foreign language translation services for our clients.

What is the Difference Between a Russian Translator and a Russian Interpreter?

The method of communication dictates whether you’d need a translator or an interpreter.


When we say translation, we refer to the written word. A translator is a specialized writer and is a native speaker of the target language. This means an English to Russian translator would be a native Russian speaker. A Russian to English translator would be a native English speaker.


When we say interpretation, we refer to the spoken word. An interpreter is adept at converting conversations from one language to another. Russian interpreter services are usually delivered in person and on site, though ALTA also offers over the phone interpreting services and remote video interpreting in Russian.

Russian Translation Services

ALTA only works with full-time, professional Russian translators with more than 5 years of experience. Before ever receiving an assignment, these translators must pass a vigorous screening process. Our Russian translators are experts at their craft and have years of experience in different fields. As a result, our clients receive the highest-quality Russian document translation services from someone who understands their industry. 

Examples of Russian document translations include:

When it comes to Russian legal translation, precision is key. Our legal translators specialize in translating matters of the law with the utmost accuracy. These documents might be personal in nature, such as marriage certificates or immigration paperwork required by the United States. They may also be for business purposes, such as contracts, patents, annual reports, or emails. Certified Russian document translation services are available for either case.

Russian technical translation requires an education and background that extends far beyond knowledge of the Russian language translation. Technical translators often have years of professional experience in areas like engineering or life sciences. This allows them to acquire the needed terminology to produce accurate and faithful technical translations.

Professional translation is often about accuracy, but when it comes to adverting and legal translations, it’s about authenticity. Our Russian marketing translators will convey the spirit of your message without being too literal or abrupt. Our marketing translators are also experts in the target language culture. This ensures your English-crafted message still makes sense for the intended market.

Russian Interpretation Services

When seeking a Russian language interpreter, you’re also looking for a set of skills beyond knowledge of both languages. Interpreters must have excellent memories, be comfortable speaking in front of people, and must understand and adopt interpreter ethics.

We offer several modes of Russian interpreting, including:

If you need a face-to-face interpreter, ALTA can send someone to your location. We offer both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services. An on-site Russian interpreter is ideal when the delivery of the message is critical. For example, patient care in the United States often requires an on-site interpreter to ensure the interpreting experience is of the best quality. interpreter ethics.

Sometimes we can’t predict when we’ll need an interpreter. Our phone and video interpretation can help in this area. Simply call our toll-free number and we’ll connect you an interpreter in an instant. This service is available 24/7 and you are billed only for the time you use.

More Information

Proven success is our best advertisement, so we encourage you to look at some of our work samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ALTA’s Language Solutions

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page where you can find quick answers to some of our most common inquiries. Information on certified documents, pricing, and definitions of some of our procedures are just a few of the topics covered.

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