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Professional Spanish Translation Services

ALTA Language Services is the leader in professional Spanish translation services for a wide array of industries. We translate into more than 100 languages, and Spanish document translation is our most frequently requested service. ALTA has a team of full-time professional Spanish translators who are qualified native speakers. This means our linguists translate English to Spanish around-the-clock and have millions of words under their belts.

At ALTA, we go Beyond Words® to provide high quality translations, top notch service, and fast turnaround times. Let us answer your questions, whether they have to do with English to Spanish translation services, Spanish to English translation, software localization, Spanish website translation, finding an interpreter, or doing business in Latin America.

Translating Spanish for Spanish-speaking Countries and Regional Dialects

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, with each country having their own regional variations. At ALTA, we make sure that we translate documents intended for your target audience. This means we match your project to native Spanish translators from the region of your target audience. It is important that your translations sound natural and is easily understood by your audiences. Slang, terminology, and even verb conjugation are impacted by region. As a professional Spanish translation company, we offer regional Spanish translations. These covers countries such as:


Why Choose ALTA for your Spanish Translation?

Experience and Success: ALTA Language Services has been delivering Spanish Translation results to companies competing in the international marketplace including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

By using linguists who translate only into their native language, ALTA can ensure that your completed documents will be at the highest level of precision for your target audience.

ALTA offers a full array of desktop publishing services. We will work within the native file format of your documents, whether that is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, or QuarkXPress. Your documents will be handled by an experienced designer and will be press-ready upon delivery.

ALTA has the cultural and linguistic expertise, as well as the technical skillset, to develop a Spanish-language website that will give your business a striking international presence in any Spanish-speaking country. We can handle all web-based file formats, including HTML, XML, Java, ASP, PHP, or any content management system like WordPress.

When you call, or email, we will begin helping you define the best way to get your Spanish advertising & marketing translation project done on time and on budget. Project quotations are always free.


Have Spanish Translation Questions? We Have Answers

A: Yes! ALTA can provide certified, notarized document translation services (Spanish to English or in English to Spanish). If you need to translate a Spanish document for legal purposes, such as a birth certificate, we can provide the certified copy at no additional cost.

A: Yes. ALTA provides Spanish translation and interpretation services. Translators typically only work with written documents and are usually not used for events. Spanish interpreters work on-site or can provide interpreting services over the phone. Check out our Spanish interpretation services for more information.

A: Like English, Spanish has local nuances. Mexican Spanish translation services require a linguist from Mexico who is familiar with the language and culture. If you tell us where the document will be used, we will provide a professional translation that speaks to the targeted area. If the text be used worldwide, we can keep the document as neutral as possible. ALTA can also provide multiple versions edited for each market.

A: Yes. Our translation services cover more than 100 languages. We may be able to translate directly from Spanish to other languages. For example, Spanish to Portuguese translation or Spanish to Italian translation are common requests. If the language pair is not available, we can translate from Spanish to English first.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ALTA’s Language Solutions

If you have any questions about our wide variety of foreign language solutions, we invite you to visit our FAQ page, which details topics like pricing, document certification, our translators, and more.

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