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Video Translation Captioning

Multilingual Captioning Video Translation Services in 100+ languages

For more than 30 years, ALTA Language Services has been providing clients with professional multilingual subtitling services in over 100 language pairs for films, commercials, TV programs, online video streaming services, and DVDs.

We offer quick turnaround times within your deadline and budget by employing multiple native translators and editors to your project for precision, accuracy and the highest level of quality. Your project undergoes several rounds of intensive internal QA to ensure that the quality of your translation always meets expectations and is always consistent.

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Video Subtitling and Captioning Services

At ALTA, we’ve learned the tips and tricks to effective multimedia work, including a built-in subtitling translation process that minimizes “word-swell” – the common experience of text expansion and contraction when translating your text into other languages. Our processes maintain the synchronization of the subtitles regardless of the language. Without this process, for example, some languages will expand upwards of 30% in length. That means to dub an English video in the target language, the narrator would need to speak 30% faster than he or she did in the English, creating a rushed, awkward rhythm in the target language.

Combining text and voice via subtitles necessitates an extremely nuanced synchronization approach, which ALTA has excelled at. We translate English text into subtitles and provide time-coded, final files. We can embed the subtitles in the video, and offer subtitles for the web, DVD or Blu-ray Authoring, IMF packages and Streaming VOD. We also provide subtitling services for videos you may want to distribute on the major VOD platforms like YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon Prime Video.

Our services include the following:

  • Broadcast Services: We offer professional subtitling services for live and recorded television.
  • DVD & Film Services: Whether you need to translate your corporate videos, documentaries or children’s education videos, ALTA offers the linguistically and culturally precise subtitles for your intended audience in 100+ languages.
  • Online Streaming Content: For online videos in any format, ALTA offers subtitling and encoding services.

Video Subtitle Files

Our subtitles match evenly to the action on the screen. In cases where additional foreign language voice work must be done and dubbed over the original material, our translators understand both the written and spoken forms of the target language. All these factors combined create for a technically-skilled audio and video media team, and excellently produced subtitle project.

Video Subtitle Formats

We offer foreign language subtitling services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). We offer time-coded final subtitle files in the following formats and more:

  • Adobe
  • CAP
  • QT
  • RT
  • SBV
  • SCC
  • SRT

Video Subtitling Services for Marketing and Business

It has long been understood by marketing professionals that video is among the most enticing media for virtually any form of corporate communication – in a study by Search Engine Watch, video influences 73% of viewers to purchase. Video makes it possible to combine text, voice, and images in a way that conveys far more meaning in less time. Studies show that consumers are more likely to turn to video than virtually any other option when learning about a product or service, particularly when using mobile devices, with e-learning and training videos. When communicating with foreign business partners, video can also be highly effective, making the quality of subtitling translation very important.

Subtitles and voice talent can be used in several ways to augment your message for foreign audiences. Foreign language voice talent can be used to dub over original voice work so that the target audience experiences the entire presentation within their own linguistic context. Your professional approach can also help demonstrate commitment to accessibility by making materials easier to understand for those with visual or hearing impairments (SDH).

Video Voice-Over and Dubbing Services

In addition to subtitling services, we offer both video and voice-over translation services. Our state-of-the-art recording studio is designed to streamline the recording and translation process by combining the industry’s best translators, project management, and voice talent to deliver your message authentically to your target audience in any language.

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