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25 Fun English Adjectives: Lexical Suggestions for Untying a Tied Tongue

Most people are all too familiar with the tip-of-the-tongue sensation of trying to express what seems almost inexpressible. Perhaps you’ve felt the frustration of having the perfect word just beyond reach. Whether it’s some quality, sentiment, observation, or emotion, some descriptions are hard to come by.

To help Beyond Words readers overcome this unfortunate quandary, here are a few adjectives for words that pertain to other nouns:

Abecedarian – pertaining to the alphabet

Amygdaloid – almond-shaped

Apian – pertaining to bees

Aquiline – pertaining to eagles

Asinine – pertaining to asses; stupid

Avuncular – pertaining to uncles

Buccal – pertaining to the mouth

Bovine – pertaining to cows

Caledonian – pertaining to Scotland

Columbine – pertaining to doves

Cutaneous – pertaining to the skin

Cytherean – pertaining to Aphrodite

Equine – pertaining to horses

Interstitial – pertaining to spaces between things

Lupine – pertaining to wolves

Matinal – pertaining to the morning

Metopic – pertaining to the forehead

Mucopurulent – pertaining to mucus and pus

Myelic – pertaining to the spinal cord

Nicotian – pertaining to tobacco

Priapean – pertaining to male virility

Rhinal – pertaining to the nose

Vespine – pertaining to a wasp

Vulpine – pertaining to a fox

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