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7 Amazing International Radio Stations to Explore

The past decade has ushered in an abundance of live radio feeds from around the world. Now, with only a click or two, you can satisfy your cravings for music from faraway lands. International radio offers you a global experience of entertainment and the opportunity to practice your foreign language listening skills.

Enjoy the best of both worlds, as you scope out the programming on any of these quality international stations:

Aewen Radio

Enjoy a variety of contemporary Korean music on this online station featuring a blend of K-Pop, K-Drama, and Japanese releases performed by Korean artists. The mood of Aewen Radio varies, running the gamut from light songs with airy vocals to harder-driving pieces with heavy beats.

Chikuni Community Radio Station

Enter the heart of Zambia with the live stream of this community broadcast, which has entertained and informed listeners for the last 19 years. You might need to wait a moment for the live feed to engage, but the short wait is well worth it. This station features great local and traditional music, as well as contemporary hits, depending on the time of day. Chikuni also features local talk broadcasts, with topics that vary. Be sure to check scheduling, as the station doesn’t air programming around the clock.

Metropolis FM

It’s easy to head to Uruguay on a quick virtual vacation, right now. You can enjoy the latest Spanish-language hits, with the live feed of Metropolis FM, straight from Montevideo. The music on this station is often upbeat and energetic, perfect for starting your day or propelling you through your massive to-do list.

Nordic Lodge Radio

You don’t have to be boarding in a cabin near the pristine waters of a Northern European lake to enjoy the relaxation of the Nordic Lodge. The musical delights on offer include high-quality downtempo, ambient, jazz, and more. The Copenhagen-based Lodge also offers a sleep timer if you’d like to make the transition into some sweet Scandinavian dreams.

Radio Kymata

This livestream from the Grecian city of Thessaloniki offers a variety of upbeat pop hits for a fun and dance-worthy experience. If you feel mired in the midst of a mid-afternoon slump, you can power through with some sonic caffeine—courtesy of Radio Kymata.

Radio Toca Tudo

You might not have the time for a spontaneous trip to Brazil, but you can experience the best in contemporary Brazilian music. The music on Radio Toca Tudo runs the gamut from upbeat/dance-worthy to smooth/melodious.

UFDV Radio

Scroll down to the bottom right corner and click (or double-click) to listen live to this station from Kingston, Jamaica. This station features classic island music that’s sure to chill you out. Both weekend and weekday programming are set to provide you with an easy and breezy island listening experience.

If you want an immediate portal to diverse language experiences, you’ll do well to start with these streaming options. But if you’re interested in exploring even further afield, you can find a wealth of other listening options on sites like and Check out a new-to-you broadcast, and further your language learning as you expand your cultural horizons.

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Danielle Martin has taught multiple subjects to students in three different states. She previously spent time as a literary agent’s assistant and video editor. Danielle writes about education, health, and lifestyle topics, and she also enjoys writing fiction.

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