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Health Scare! 20 Phobias of the Health Care Debate

The current debate over health care has some people in a panic, and many of the concerns being voiced (such as the concern over granny-killing government death panels), are unfounded and irrational.

Judging by the news coverage of recent town-hall meetings, we have become a nation of health care phobics. Because fear is old and pervasive, many languages derive the names of phobias from the basic Western language template of Greek.

The word “phobia” originated in the Greek word phóbos (φόβος), or “morbid fear.”

Here are some real phobias that may shed some light on the Health Scare debate:

fear of germs;
from the Greek sperma, meaning “seed.”

fear of making decisions;
from the Greek tropos, meaning “a turn.”

fear of swallowing or being swallowed;
from the Greek phagos, meaning “voracious.”

fear of becoming ill;
from the Greek nosos, meaning “disease.”

fear of death or dead things;
from the Greek nekros, meaning “corpse.”

fear of everything;
from the Greek pantos, meaning “all.”

fear of long waits, such as waiting in long lines

fear of going to the doctor

fear of injections or inoculations

fear of getting a fever.

fear of progress

fear of choking to death

fear of responsibility, social or personal

fear of new medications

fear of the Left, or the left side of things

fear of being poisoned

fear of constipation

fear of new things or ideas

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