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Professional Patent Translation

A Professional Patent Translation Firm

Protecting your intellectual property is critical, no matter where your business takes you. Because there is no international framework to protect your IP from one market to another, international patents are vital. If you plan to file for a patent in another country, an essential step in the patent filing process is professional patent translation. Patent translations from a respected global patent translation company will help you complete a patent application overseas.

Patent documents must be extremely precise, so you should only hire a translation firm with a proven success record. ALTA Language Services is one of the most respected and trusted services for business translation in world. With a translation process that is ISO Certified, we are positioned to help you translate patents in more than 100 languages. Whether you’re translating someone else’s patent for informational purposes or translating your own documentation for a patent attorney, ALTA can help. Our translation quality management system yields quick turnaround times and high quality work: two essentials for businesses, individuals, or law firms filing for international patents.

Ensure Your Patents are Recognized in International Markets

The value of intellectual property cannot be overstated. It can form the basis of profit for your company for over a hundred years per patent. This enduring value is also one of the reasons that filing and protecting your patents is so challenging. When you are translating a patent for an international market, every detail matters. Discrepancies in your original patent and your foreign language patents could cost you millions. Adhering to the formalities of a given language and culture will help protect you.
To facilitate the process, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) streamlines international patent applications, including in many countries where European patents are necessary. Once the initial application process is complete, you’ll need to work with in country patent offices to provide more information.

Translate your Patent with ALTA Today

Do you have a tough deadline coming up in the patent filing process? No problem. Just let ALTA know your desired turnaround time. We’ll come up with a translation plan that provides top quality while ensuring your translations are done on time. This might mean using two translators on the project and having it reviewed by a single editor. It also could mean delivering translations on a rolling basis. We’ll work with you to figure out the best solution for your project.
ALTA stands behind its reputation as one of the leading global providers of business translation, with one of the widest portfolios of languages available. Our extensive network of translators has proven itself to be capable of fast, error-free, professional patent translation.
To learn more about our patent translation services, please contact us by phone or our online form. You can reach us at 800.895.8210. We provide translation estimates in 2 business hours or less. Quotes are always fast and free.

The Best Translator and Technology for Your Patent

ALTA knows that picking the right translator for your project is essential. Just as a marketing expert would not write a technical document, translators have unique specialties. Your patent will be translated by a professional, human translator with subject matter expertise in the relevant area, such as life sciences or engineering.
But technology can help. The use of translation memory software speeds the translation process while keeping translation costs down. This software allows ALTA to build a memory of translations used in your document. Translation memory ensures you don’t pay for the same translations twice. It can also be used to ensure previous translations are applied to future documents to reduce costs. ALTA provides this service at no additional cost.

Patent Translations from a Reputable Translation Company

Patents serve as the basis for your intellectual property claims. Without patents translated and on file in the relevant international patent offices, you could risk having your intellectual property stolen. Intellectual property enforcement on the international stage is uneven at best. In order to protect yourself, you need to make the right moves as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a protracted battle to protect your property—a battle that you could very well lose in some jurisdictions.
ALTA has a reputation for quickly and efficiently translating complex business documents. Your patents and other documents will convey the precise meaning of the product, service, or idea that you intend to protect. This will help you when it comes time to expand internationally and establish your business in new markets. We work hard to ensure that every shade of meaning in your original text is preserved and conveyed effectively.

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ALTA is one of the most respected names in business translation services. Our extensive team of translators is ready to apply their exceptional skills to your project. To learn more, please contact us by phone or via our online form. You can reach our offices at 800.895.8210.

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