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Powerpoint Translation

Professional PowerPoint Translation Services

ALTA Language Services is recognized as an industry leader for the translation of business documents, including PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint translations come with their own unique set of challenges and best practices, including formatting and embedded text options. Each of our projects is backed by the finest in project management, so you’ll never have to worry about unanticipated issues with your PPT language translation. We work hard to make sure that your project is planned and executed according to your budget and schedule. When you choose ALTA, you are choosing true human translation from industry leaders in the field.

Effective PowerPoint Translation

PowerPoint has quickly become one of the software standards for developing and presenting business-oriented information. It is used in most industries and throughout the public sector, even in the military. However, translating a PowerPoint presentation for another culture is not simple. In addition to translating the text so that the foreign verbiage carries the same meanings and connotations, it is also important to localize the format and the way the text is laid out. Many languages grow and shrink depending on the character set used – it is not uncommon to see romance languages grow up to 30% in length with respect to the English source. PowerPoint presentations are tight and typically offer limited white space, which means thoughtful, concise translations and formatting are necessary to preserve the clean look of the original source. PowerPoint presentations often include embedded images and objects as well. We’ll check for embedded source files, request source files for any text embedded in images, and let you know of any potential localization challenges created by the source files ahead of time to avoid last-minute surprises.

True translation goes beyond the words used and takes into account layout, style, colors, graphic features, and a wide variety of other matters. Each of these issues can carry unintended meanings and implications for a target culture; if your localization efforts do not take these into account, you could cause confusion or even offense with your translation. Translating your presentation using ALTA’s PowerPoint translation services can make it far easier to communicate across cultures.

Translating Your PowerPoint is Crucial to International Success

Translating your presentation professionally will help your audience understand, retain, and ultimately act on your message. Conversely, a poor translation is bound to be poorly-received by your audience. Taking extra precautions to ensure that your message is well-received can make a tremendous difference, especially early on.

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If you’re interested in using the industry’s foremost business document translation service, we look forward to the opportunity to help you. ALTA has expert translators with a wealth of linguistic and business experience who can bring your documents to life in a new language. Contact us to learn more about our ISO credentials or learn more about how we can assist you. You can reach us by telephone at 800.895.8210 for fast, courteous, and professional assistance, or you can fill out our online form for a free quote. Contact us, and get started on your translation project today.

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