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10 Neologisms Caught in the Internets

A neologism (from Greek neo = “new” + logos = “word”) is a new word or expression.

Neologisms usually pertain to something topical, and they can be some of the most playful and fun words in any language.

Today, neologisms circulate faster than ever, catching-on with broader audiences through a few clicks of the mouse. Here is a list of 10 neologisms which I find funny, creative, and useful.

Deriving too much satisfaction from using sarcasm.

Confusion a person experiences when hearing a phone ringing and wondering if it’s his or not.

Deliberately terminating one’s Facebook profile; Facebooklift refers to changing one’s profile picture or personal information.

The purchase of an unaffordable object such as a house or a car, which renders a person financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.

A person who prefers to express his feelings via text messages because personal interaction makes him uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Intuitive knowledge, “gut feeling”; coined by Stephen Colbert

A shallow person who owns an iPhone and acts in a demeaning manner towards people who do not have one.

An adult offspring.

National obsession with president-elect Barack Obama

Rapidly receding hairline

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Neologism Photo courtesy of Emily Hoyer

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