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What is Heritage Language?

Individuals who speak multiple languages or live in multilingual households may have a “heritage language.” This term describes the language the individual speaks or hears at home, but it is not the dominant language spoken in the community. In the...

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What Is The Language Experience Approach

The Language Experience Approach is a teaching tactic that uses experience to improve students’ communication skills. This approach capitalizes on students’ attention and interest in their own experiences to develop their skills. It mainly targets reading and writing skills. LEA-based...

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Deaf Culture and Sign Language

With over 300 sign languages used in the world, there is a rich diversity of culture among Deaf communities. And in fact, deafness itself is not a prerequisite to participating in Deaf culture and community. Instead, cultural Deafness refers to...

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Permacrisis is The 2022 Word of The Year

What do binge-watch, Brexit, and photobomb all have in common? They’ve all been named word of the year by the Collins English Dictionary. Binge-watch in 2015, Brexit in 2016, and photobomb in 2014. William Collins created The Collins English Dictionary...

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What is the Difference Between an Interpreter and a Translator?

It is easy to get the terms interpreter and translator confused. That’s because “translation” can mean conversion from one language to another, in a general way. Typically, the title “translator” is mistaken for “interpreter.” Saying “translation” when meaning “interpretation” is...

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Games Can Enhance Language Learning

A new study out of the University of Freiburg suggests that children who are exposed to different accents have an advantage when it comes to language acquisition. For the study, the researchers used a version of the game “Spot It!”...

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In review of code-switching, the linguistic practice that both becomes and betrays us

For a while during high school, I had two groups of friends. One group was ambitious and academically oriented. The other was more athletic, musically inclined, and a bit rebellious. The latter group often played word games and invented their...

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How to Raise a Bilingual Child

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on parents to make their children high achievers, starting from an early age. The standards for raising an athletic, charismatic, artistic baby Einstein may have gotten out of hand. However, speaking another language...

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5 Fascinating Facts About Multilingual Countries

While many countries in the world have one de facto official language, there are plenty of countries with multiple official languages. Canada, for example, has two official languages, Belgium has three, and South Africa has 11. Since colonialism led to...

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The Importance of Interpreters in Healthcare

A viral TikTok recently highlighted the importance of medical interpreters in healthcare. In the video, Jen Hamilton, a labor and delivery nurse in North Carolina, shared her experience with a patient who speaks Spanish. “If I get a patient that...

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