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How to Build a Language Strategy for Companies Expanding to Canada

companies expanding to canada - ALTA Language Services

Companies expanding to Canada must be aware of the country’s linguistic requirements. Both French and English are official languages in Canada, thanks to the Official Languages Act of 1969. This Act meant that federal agencies must offer services in both languages.  Quebec’s Bill 96 passed last year, which changed the linguistic requirements even more for […]

Machine Translation Post Editing in Healthcare

AI translation, or machine translation, has advanced enough to be used in healthcare. However, it still has shortcomings. Weighing the capabilities and limits of AI translation is vital to language conversion decisions in healthcare and other fields. There are several aspects of AI translation to understand in order to digest the implications of the proposed […]

What is a Simultaneous Interpreter?

What is a Simultaneous Interpreter - ALTA Language Services

If you’ve ever seen a sign language interpreter at the bottom of your screen during a news segment or presidential debate, you’ve seen a simultaneous interpreter at work. Often hired for large multinational meetings and international conferences, the job of a simultaneous interpreter is to provide real-time interpretation of a target language. This article will […]

How to Use a Zoom Interpreter for Remote Meetings

Online Zoom Interpreter | ALTA Language Services

Whether you work from home or conduct calls with overseas stakeholders, virtual meetings are a standard part of today’s business landscape. If you are part of a multilingual team or collaborate with international business partners, you may need to hire a Zoom interpreter to make virtual meetings run smoothly. Language interpreters can foster inclusivity and […]

Written Translation Services

Written Translation Services | ALTA Language Services

Written Translation Services ALTA offers written translation services in over 100 different languages. Our team understands how important it is that your documents are translated accurately, and we work with subject matter experts to ensure that industry-specific documents are translated using the appropriate terminology for the field. We work with native language translators to guarantee […]

SDS and MSDS Translation

SDS and MSDS Translation - Safety Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet | ALTA Language Services

If you run a company that keeps hazardous chemicals on site, it is essential to obtain an SDS, or Safety Data Sheet, for each product kept. SDSs contain potentially life-saving information, and therefore it is incredibly important for employers of multilingual workforces to provide clear and accurate translations for all SDSs at their company. This […]

HR Compliance Translation Services

Human Resources Compliance Translation Services | ALTA Language Services

Understanding HR Compliance Translation Services In our increasingly interconnected world, employees with diverse language skills and backgrounds add unprecedented value to employers. In 21st-century organizations, human resources materials may need to be translated. Safety instructions and employee manuals should be accessible to each employee. Understanding how language services can quickly convert human resources materials to […]

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